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Signing a Contract


PLEASE NOTE: The turnaround time for a Purchase Order/Contract is about four weeks after the Requisition has been received in Procurement and assigned to a Contract Owner. Timelines can be quicker or longer depending on several factors (e.g. contract complexity, vendor cooperation, etc.)

   For further guidance on completing the Req Form, including a Definitions List and FAQ, please click here.


Know your cost center(s) and expense code(s)


If purchase will be > $100k , please complete the Source Selection & Price Reasonableness Form (SSPR)
and attach it to the Req
(for guidance, see 

Instructions & FAQ)

-To access the SSPR form via Single Sign On, click here 


If UCSF data is involved, please categorize your data


Attach the applicable quote, contract, or any underlying documentation for background context


If it is a renewal or extension of an existing contract/purchase order, please specify the current PO# on the Req and attach the previous signed contract

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