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Happy Children


Click here to view full document to determine how to add Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland ("BCH Oakland") as a party to a contract (new or existing)​

About BCH Oakland

In 2014, BCH Oakland and UCSF established a formal affiliation. Under the terms of the affiliation, UCSF has representation on BCH Oakland’s Board of Directors (Board), and BCH Oakland retains its identity and status as a private, not-for profit 501(c)(3) organization with its own separate license.

The Regents of the University of California is the sole corporate member. This means that The Regents of the University of California is the corporate “parent” of BCH Oakland.

BCH Oakland currently has its own contracting attorney and procurement team. However, a number of agreements may involve both UCSF and BCH Oakland whereby a UCSF agreement may extend terms to BCH Oakland based on BCH Oakland’s status as an affiliate or vice versa. In such cases, both UCSF and
BCH Oakland will each sign as parties to the agreement.

Additionally, per instruction by UCOP Office of General Counsel, UCSF executed BAAs will extend to
BCH Oakland via a BCH Oakland BAA Addendum that will be signed by both UCSF and BCH Oakland.

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